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                 GBSC Operational Procedures and Briefings


Membership Manual 2017
Ground Procedures 2017

Glider Launch Procedure Video

Spring Safety Briefings For The 2017 Soaring Season

2017 Safety Presentation
Safety Review Questions
2017 Safety Test

Spring Safety Briefings For The 2013 Soaring Season

2013 AGM Agenda
Treasurers Report
Reservation System
Looking Ahead
Aerobatic Policy
Safety Presentation

Spring Safety Briefings For The 2011 Soaring Season

2011 AGM Agenda
Treasurers Report
SFO/Logger Brief
Winch Brief
Tow Ropes
Awards 2011
3B3 Handicaps
Single Pilot Resource Management
Additional Safety Topics
GBSC Future
2011 Safety Exam

Spring Ops/Maintenance/Safety Briefings For The 2010 Soaring Season

First Parachute Jump
AGM 2010 Presidents Brief
Treasurers Report
SFO and Logger Duties
Maintenance Report
Awards for 2010
Board Nominations for 2010
Safety Briefing: Managing Margins
Glider Utilization

Spring Safety Briefings For The 2009 Soaring Season

First/Last 5 Minutes
Control Checks
Premature Termination of Tow
Safety Briefing


The following require a pdf viewer such as Acrobat Reader:

Wave Camp Brief (Copyright John Good 2005)
XC in Wave (Copyright John Good 2005)
Mifflin County Area Brief (Copyright John Good 2007)
Franconia Operating Procedures

Spring 2011 Dave Zlotek Lift Presentation
Spring 2012 Stuart Smith Weather Briefing

Miscellaneous Procedures

Twitter Account Setup for Soar GBSC.

Cross Country Lectures

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