Flight Instruction at the Greater Boston Soaring Club

Flight instruction is offered to all GBSC members without charge. The GBSC has approximately 12 FAA licensed flight instructors capable of providing instruction at all levels.  On each weekend day during the season, at least one instructor is assigned to provide instruction for the day. In practice, often more instructors will be on the field at any given time. You will likely fly with many different instructors on your path to the license.

Instruction is scheduled on a "first come first served" basis. When you arrive at the field, sign up for a lesson. On busy days, lengthy waits are possible so it pays to arrive and sign up early. A student is normally charged for the aero tow and for the use of the glider.

The length of a lesson varies greatly - depending on the weather.  If soaring conditions are minimal or non-existent, a flight from a 3,000 foot aero tow may last 15 to 18 minutes.  However, if soaring conditions exist, a lesson might last for an hour or more and may reach altitudes in excess of 10,000 feet (all from a 3,000 foot tow).  This is what soaring is all about!

Solo students are reminded that they are required by FAR 61.87(m)(3) to have, in their logbook, an instructor endorsement within the last 90 days. It is also club policy for student solo pilots to fly with a club instructor at least once every 5 flights. Also, our insurance policy prohibits student solo flight unless there is a certified glider flight instructor present at the field.

If you have any questions about flight instruction at GBSC, please send email to a GBSC Flight Instructor.